Saturday, April 18, 2009

Im Going To....

Make a new blog. If you want it let me know!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ive Had A.............

Toothache for the last couple of days. The other night it took me forever to fall asleep. I finally fell alseep at about 1:30am. I kept putting a bag of hot water on my face. It did work but I had to keep refilling it. Yesterday I went up to my parents house to see if they had any pills for pain so my mom gave me some Motrin. It worked :D. I took one last night and then another this afternoon. I havent had a toothache since July and 9 months later it wants to come back. Grrrr.

I filled out a application yesterday. Going to be filling out some more this weekend. I called alot of places and alot said they werent hiring. I wish there was more jobs out there. Guess I will have to keep filling out applications until something comes along.

We have no plans for this weekend. We would probably do something but we dont have much money right now. We are going to Jens for a fire tonight! Something different and something none of us gotta spend money on. We also gotta clean out our fridge this weekend. Other than that I wanna finish laundry, finish cleaning the room, write letters and read more of Twlight.

The diet I started at hte beginning of the year started off good but then went down since I didnt follow it!! Yeah I know I suck. I wanna get back into it. Ive been walking alot more so that is good. I am going to now try not to drink much soda at all (even diet). Im gonna start trying to drinks mostly water and Crystal Light. I am going to stay on it this time.

I better get back to cleaning the room! Fun stuff! Have a good day!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Have......

A stuffy nose. I think its allergies. I hate having allergies! We actually did alot this weekend. Friday me and Jay went to the drive ins with Jen, Russell, Evan and Elaina. We seen "Fast and Furious" and "The Haunting in CT". I think we got home a little after 12am. Saturday we all went out to lunch. We took Elaina for the day. We came back home for a little while and Elaina fell asleep. Then we went to Jays parents for dinner. After we went to Jays sisters to see his neices. His sister cut his hair. Now he has alot less hair. LOL. This morning we went to my parents for breakfast. After we went to Jay parents again to see the kids do a Easter egg hunt. We only stayed about a hour or so. We came home for a little while then went over my grams for dinner. Now were home. I might take a shower in a little while or take one tomorrow since I already took one today. LOL. I gotta watch my nephew 2 days this week. I really gotta spend the day cleaning the room tomorrow since I will be watching him. My stomach hurts :/. I think Im gonna get some cleaning done now since Jays playing his game. I hope everyone had a good Easter!

Just Wanted To Say...............

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful day <3.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I will be looking for phone numbers and calling places to see if their hiring. I want/need a job. ASAP. I have alot of things I wanna save money for. The day me and Jay live somewhere else will be such a great day! I can stand it here some days then others I cant! And if we had our own place things would be so much better/easier. I still going to be looking for 2 different jobs since we need the money. And the more Im not at this house the better :D. I want something while Jay is at work then get something like 5p-?. Im hoping to fill out as many applications as I can. Hopefully at least 10 people are hiring. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 6, 2009

It Was A Rainy.......


Friday during the day I cleaned up some, did laundry and packed since we were going to Glens Falls for the weekend. Jay picked up Elaina then came down to the house. I loaded up the car then we were on our way. It was pouring on the ride up there. Once we got there we ordered dinner. Afterwards me, Jay, Elaina and Meagan went to visit my uncle at the hospital. We stayed about a hour. After we ran to Toys R Us and WalMart. Oh then after that Elaina wanted french fries so we stopped at McDonalds to get her some. When we got back to the house we didnt do much. We eneded up going to bed around 10:15pm.

Saturday we went to lunch with my aunt and cousin. We came home and took a nap then headed off to see my uncle again. My mom, dad, sister and nephew also went up. Came home made dinner (chicken and rice a roni). After we went to the arcade then out to ice cream. Again went to bed around 10:15pm.

Sunday morning I packed everything up and brought it to the car. We headed home. We stopped by my parents house cause I thought thats were we were dropping Connor off but it was wasnt. He wasnt going there til later. So we left and dropped Elaina off then went to srop Connor off. We went home quick to change then headed back up to Jens cause we were going out to lunch. After me and Jay went to see "Fast and Furious". We only went since we had free tickets. It was a good movie and I think there might be another by the ending. Went back to Jens. Jay had to help Russell move something then we went back home.

My dad headed to Ohio yesterday to start working on the house he brought. He will be there until Friday. I cant believe Easter is only 6 days away. Were not buying anything for anyone this year. We usually do but decided not to this year. The drive ins are already open :D. I wanna go a few times this summer. I gotta work on cleaning this room today. Before we left I left all the clean clothes all over the bed so they are all over. And theres more to clean up. So I better get going and clean! Oh the fun!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Weekend....

Is over. It seems like the last couple weeks have flew by.

Friday I had to watch my nephew since there wasnt any school. Around 12pm we decided to go up to my parents to jump on the trampoline. On the way up we stopped at Jens to see if Evan and Elaina wanted to go jump and they do! We went up there for about a hour. Went back to Jens got Jen and took a walk! Went back to Jens. Me and Connor were about to leave and Elaina wanted to come. So she came down to the house with us. Me and her sat outside til Jay got home while Connor was inside playing the game. Later on we went up to my parents for dinner. Then came home!

Saturday we didnt do everything we were suppose to. We went out to lunch then dropped off hockey tickets to my brother. After we just came home and didnt do much Until 6pm. We picked up Connor and Evan and headed to a hockey game. After we dropped Connor and Evan and went home.

Sunday we went out to breakfast with Jen, Russell, Evan, Elaina and Emelia. After we went and got Elaina redressed and she went to the mall with me and Jay!! We went back to Jens for a little while after then headed home.

Today I really gotta clean the room. Anyone wanna help? Hopefully when Jay gets home we will go grocery shopping cause we gotta get something for dinner for today-Thursday. I still gotta make a grocery list out. Well I better get to cleaning. Have a good day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ive Been Sick......

For a dew days now. My throat hurts a little. Now my nose is stuffy and my chest is congested! I also have a bit of a headache.

Not much has been going on. Jay started a new job Monday. He works there until June unless they need him longer. I would love it they kept him but we wont know til June gets closer. He called my uncle about a PT security job. He goes and talks to him sometime in April. When I was talking to my uncle we were talking about something and I came up with lucky Jay will get to see free concerts *they will do security for concerts*. He can get me free tickets to almost any concert they do there. I was like oh now ya tell me. When I know the list of the concerts Im gonna tell him which ones I want tickets for. I dont know exactly how many I can get but I guess we will see.

My uncle is still in the hospital. He will be in there for at least 4 more months they think. So he should be getting out around July. He still cant walk. Still dont know if he will. Hopefully there is a miracle and he will be able to.

My friends mother almost died 4 times this past week :(. She flat lined 4 times but they got her back. Jen told me yesterday that they took her off sedation and she was doing alot better. Hopefully she will have some more good news today. She will have a long recovery but at least she is still here with everyone. It is not her time to go.

Dont have no big plans for the weekend. We usually go to my parents for dinner/cards. Not tonight though. My brother has to go to a class and then work. We might go up for a little while but not sure yet. I think me and Jay might go out to dinner tonight or tomorrow. We still have 1 gift card left from Christmas so we will just use that. It wont cover it all so we will have to pay the rest. And we might also go to the movies. Gotta see if theres anything playing we wanna see. Other than that no clue what were doing.

I should get going and pick up a little. Jay asked if I would clean some more of the room. I just wish I had a place to put everything. I cant wait for the day that we have our own place! It wil be 100x better.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My To Do............

For the week....
Clean the room
Reply to letters
Clean fridge
Clean freezer
Do laundry
Put away laundry
Call places to see if their hiring
Put in some applications
Thats about all I can think of right now!

Monday, March 9, 2009

It Is.......

Raining. Its actually been raining for awhile cause I heard it when I wole up also. I already went on the sites I go to right when I get on. Today will most likely be boring. I was going to start walking today. I was going to start walking Monday-Friday at like. Once the weather gets nicer Im sure Jen and the kids will start going (just not that early). I gotta put laundry away today. Maybe do another load of laundry and clean this room. Im making calzones finally for dinner tonight. Ive never made them so hopefully they turn out fine.

Yesterday was a busy day. Me and Jay went to Target to get a few things. Then we ran over to Party City to pick up balloons. After we went back home and had to do a few things before going up to Elainas party. Around 5:45pm or so me and Jen ran to Target since we both had to get stuff. I got informed that some people like to make faces behind my back at things I say. Well to that person get a life and I could care what you say. Nothing you say/do would ever matter to me. Get a life and grow up.

Ive been thinking about mine and Jays wedding. I wanted to get married in August 2010 but dont know if that is going to happen. I dont have a job yet and that doesnt help at all. So I was thinking maybe 2011. I will know by the end up this year weather we will or not. And might change it to September. Havent really decided. I think maybe August will be too hot. Or maybe I will have it in May. I just dont it too be too hot since I do want some of it outside. We will just have to wait and see.

I filled out a few online applications. Which I dont like online applications much. But thats where alot of places of thier applications now. I just think I dont know if people actually get them. Does anyone else ever wonder that? I wanna call a few places either today or tomorrow. So hopfully I can go get some more applications and fill them out.

Well I should get going and do some work on this room. Have a great day!